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Dewan graduated from the University of Tokyo with Master of Applied Science in Transportation Infrastructure Planning (TRIP Lab) and specialized in traffic safety from Ryerson University. He joined the City of Toronto’s Transportation Planning Section in 2013.

Dewan spent more than eighteen years of his career in pioneering urban innovation, developing numerous smart mobility and data innovations into mobility planning and creative design engineering projects in both Japan and Canada. Using good engineering skills and holistic view on transportation planning, he focuses on “people-focus” transportation practices, which is shaping our quality-of-life as a genuine indicator of liveable society. Based on factual knowledge and evidence, his transportation professional practice seeks better integration to the needs of sustainable mobility users, new innovative mobility modes and smart technologies, sustainable safety, and smart growth objectives.

Awarded at MIT Media Lab Disrupting Mobility summit as “best planning system” and ITE Project of Year in 2015, he recently developed a new innovative mobility ecosystem and multimodal smart mobility hub concept combining innovative technologies, real-time travel pattern, data visualization, equitable use of public space, vision zero safety principles, and evidence-based scientific approach to rebuild and redesign city’s mobility systems for people instead of cars. In 2015, he was invited by Dr. Shaheen and Dr. Meyer to write a chapter of Disrupting Mobility book after winning the award at the MIT media lab.

Prior to joining City Planning, Dewan worked as a planning engineer at WSP Canada (Genivar) where he created a unique concept of multimodal planning and shared mobility model for transportation master/ secondary plans. In his role at City of Oshawa, Dewan’s career extends beyond the traditional planning and introduces innovative mobility concepts through ‘testing and alteration’ approach. The outcome of this perspective was first multi-modal transportation policies for North Oshawa area plans, introduction of complete street principles, evidence based bicycle planning and Durham Bike Summit that brought “Bicycle Friendly Communities” award, and Walkable Oshawa project leading to City council’s recognition of Pedestrian Charter. A few cornerstones of his career include converting “motor city” to Bicycle-friendly Oshawa“, pioneering the concept of multi-modal transportation plans and policies, multimodal station planning and redesign strategies, research experience on safe and compact street design, safe neighborhood street layout, and decongestion plan to remove elevated freeway by replacing with high-quality transit and active transportation facilities to improve quality-of-life for urban residents.

Besides his professional work, he shares his experience through public presentations, professional publications and teaching big data in mobility planning, public space redesign, sustainable transportation, advanced LRT planning and operations course. He has been invited as a keynote speaker for local and international events.

Outside of his work, he would like to explore adventure through traveling, artistic expression through photography, reading scientific stories and history of human civilization. Whenever he has time, he doesn't miss the opportunity to travel. This gives him immense pleasure, a good opportunity to discover people of different nations, expand his acceptance power and diversify views to solve the problem in his personal and professional acitivities.

Launching "Bicycle as Transportation" program as part of Active Transportation Master Plan to convert Oshawa as "Bicycle Friendly City", City of Oshawa 2009.
Receiving "Bicycle Friendly Community" award for Oshawa from Share the Road CEO - Eleanor McMahon, MPP at FCM Conference, London, Ontario, 2011
Receiving special award for "Innovative Mobility Master Plan" from Disrupting Mobimility Summmit team (Dr. Susan Shaheen and Dr. Ryan Chin) at MIT Media lab, Cambridge, USA, November 2015.
Receiving "ITE Project of the Year 2015" at Annual General Meeting, Toronto ITE, Toronto, Canada.